Why Use LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency

LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency

LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency is known as one of the fastest evolving social media networks, it is also less known as a powerful platform for B2-B marketing.
It is made up of a huge network of professionals and companies who, through links and other mechanisms, develop a network of contacts, already providing an excellent basis for B2B digital marketing.

A few numbers
The number of its users exceeds 670 million and is constantly growing.
6 out of 10 users actively seek industry insights on LinkedIn.
280 billion feed updates are displayed annually.
LinkedIn accounts for over 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs.

Tips on how to improve your positioning on LinkedIn

Strengthen the company profile
It is essential to create a professional profile for your company on LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency. mainly in the profile, you can list the skills and experiences developed in your sector of affiliation. It is important to add useful and relevant content to the business of your specific sector that may contain relevant images or links.
Videos and presentations: if you have video content or presentation slides related to developed projects, we recommend that you include them in your profile.

Projects: describe some of your developed projects, together with the problems solved and the main characteristics, it will be useful for your potential customers to choose you.

Description: A good way to help users understand the competency activity from the first visit on your profile is to list the company’s skills.

Patents, certifications, and awards: insert all certifications and any awards or patents acquired in your company profile.

Create an informative company page

A LinkedIn Page can be the perfect place to tell the story of the company. It is essential to show direct information on the products and services that the company offers, they could become the most interesting and main part for a part of the people when they visit the profile. Try to create a page that has useful and relevant content in the specific sector in which you operate.

Optimize the performance of the business page

The company needs a complete profile to emphasize its presence in the sector to which it belongs. A precise and clear profile will help customers or people who visit the profile to better understand the activity that takes place and the skills that distinguish it. There are several ways to create and optimize the profile, including photos, employee details, logos/headings, and other relevant and interesting content, which correctly and comprehensively describe the business that the company does.

Identify your audience

Understanding your audience is one of the most critical factors in the success of any marketing strategy, including marketing on LinkedIn. By providing the demographic data available, Linkedin allows you to profile the public relating to the sector of interest and to reach it quite easily. With the right tool, you will be able to check the progress of the campaigns, which types of page visitors, and which content is engaging the most. Then use this data to develop the content and target it to the relevant audience, measure the impact and optimize the return on investment (ROI).

Create valuable content

Interesting content can engage the audience. Once the LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency Company Page is built, make sure the content posted on it is engaging. Users decide to follow the page and keep in touch after they find solutions to their problems on your Page. Content shouldn’t be too sales-oriented or focused on promoting products or services. It would be better to be able to capture the interest of the public and build their trust first, then direct them to the products and services section later.

Use videos

LinkedIn makes video sharing available to all businesses and publishers. In just one year of LinkedIn’s native video launch, video posts have generated more than 300 million impressions on the platform. The study indicates that a video post earns 4-5 times the engagement of a text post. It would be better to use a native video on LinkedIn. The native video is uploaded directly to the LinkedIn app or browser version rather than embedding links from Youtube or another site.

Set up a publishing schedule

A publishing program can decide whether your campaign worked or not. 3-to 4 status updates per week and 1-to 2 long-form content posts per month are said to maintain an ideal balance for network connections. Through the status change, all your connections will receive feedback on the content and will thus always be updated.

Try LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency offers various types of campaigns, including Brand Awareness, Content Consideration, and Conversions. It offers a wide range of opportunities for marketers. The most used ad formats are Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and Text Ads. It is important to highlight the new promotion channel, LinkedIn Video Ads.

Sponsored content is LinkedIn’s basic advertising, it is a regular post that the publisher sponsors with an advertising budget, Sponsored InMail messages allow you to send personalized personal messages to the public using the private messaging system, helping content reach directly the interested public.

Text ads appear at the top or right of users’ feeds, it’s a short text and optional small image usually used to drive the lead and promote specific offers. LinkedIn video ads automatically play on users’ feeds.


It can be difficult at first to define which tactics and strategies work for the company, so perform A / B testing to identify the ideal solutions and apply them to the business, ensure your campaigns are launched correctly and target your potential customers key.


The decline in visibility in Facebook ads has already motivated many companies and professionals to consider or replicate the sharing of their content on LinkedIn, from which they gain greater visibility and consideration. LinkedIn certainly represents the next step in marketing strategy and being by its very nature a social network of professionals and companies, the results obtained may surprise you.