Why The Creation Of An E-Commerce Site Has Become Essential?

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Many people advise you to create an e-commerce site but you are not really sure of its interest? Digital Marketing Agency Mohali we explain to you why it is essential today to have an online store!

Consumer habits increasingly digitized

To start, a few figures to convince you! In 2019, 38.8 million French people bought on the internet, this is 4% more than the previous year and the health situation promises even higher figures for 2020 (+24% growth in the first quarter) .

Behaviors have change a lot and digital technology is now include in most purchasing paths.

Among online buyers, 88% are “full digital” , these are people who have a 100% digital behavior, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali they get information online and buy directly via the internet. This is a clientele that you can only capture with an e-commerce site .

On the other hand , 41% of individuals who buy online say they first inquire in-store . This means that a large part of the people who go to the store do so only for information in view of a purchase on the internet . Having an online store is therefore essential for your business to capture these sales. 

Finally, we observe that 78% of people who buy in stores first inquire online . This figure demonstrates the importance of a digital presence and the need to create an e-commerce site to present your products.

Still not convinced?

E-commerce boosted by the coronavirus

The Covid 19 (we still refuse to say “the covid”) has profoundly change the habits and behavior of the French, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali in particular through the many restrictions impose to contain the virus. These restrictions have result in a drop in store sales and a huge loss of turnover for physical stores .

While physical businesses have suffer the brunt of this decline in turnover, E-Commerce Sites have seen their activity increase sharply, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali the FEVAD ( Federation of e-commerce and distance selling ) has account for 24% of e-commerce growth in the first quarter of 2020.

Travel constraints have encourage online commerce and have further support the need to have a merchant site. Digital Marketing Agency Mohali

Convinced ?

There is therefore no more time to lose to launch the creation of your e-commerce site! A question remains unanswer?

How to create an effective e-commerce site?

Our arguments have convince you only here, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali among the 200,000 French e-commerce sites you do not know how to differentiate yourself ?

The most important thing to create an effective e-commerce site is to put yourself in the shoes of your users, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali your online store must be designed to perfectly meet the needs of your targets throughout the purchase journey .

The user experience is essential for a successful online purchase. Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it is for this reason that you will have to take care of the tree structure of your site and its graphics. We deliver integrated marketing solutions that drive more customers, revenue, and profitability.

CMS like WordPress or Prestashop allow you to create correct e-commerce sites but do not leave much freedom in the customization of the interface and will not allow you to differentiate yourself from competing sites.

Creating a bespoke e-commerce site is probably the best option you have for creating an effective online store. The personalization of your site will allow you on the one hand to affirm your identity and Digital Marketing Agency Mohali to differentiate yourself from your competitors. But also to personalize the graphics of each page as well as the tree structure of your site so as to best support your targets in the purchase journey and lead them to conversion.