Video quick report! Inventory of the blockbuster cameras

blockbuster cameras

In early January, Leica released the M11, which is the first time Leica has updated its own M rangefinder digital camera after five years . After Canon launched the Canon EOS R5c with video shooting as the main function . The release of the two new cameras also officially kicked off the launch of new cameras in 2022. In the blink of an eye, in February, the video exhibition CP+ is about to open, and it is also the day when new video products will debut every year. Therefore, before the opening of the CP+ exhibition, we will simply take stock and forecast for you through this article today, the new machines that will debut in the imaging industry in 2022.

· Canon

  Canon’s EOS R5 and EOS R6 are the star products in the current camera sales market. The two professional mirrorless cameras have both high image quality and high speed, and are very popular and respected by photography enthusiasts and professional photographers. In September last year, Canon launched the high-speed professional camera EOS R3 to fill the vacancy of professional mirrorless cameras in the professional field. However, in terms of mirrorless cameras, Canon still lacks a flagship model, and entry-level mirrorless cameras can only rely on the support of the EOS RP released in February 2019. Obviously, this camera can no longer meet the needs of the entry-level market.

Canon EOS R1 imaginary map

  When it comes to flagship cameras, the Canon EOS R 1 is a long-rumored camera. According to the news previously disclosed by Canonrumors, the Canon EOS R1 will use the same box body design as the EOS R3, using a 54-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, which will not only provide excellent picture quality, but also provide stable 8K video shooting. In terms of positioning, the Canon EOS R1 will also target all users. Whether it is sports photography, ecological photography, advertising photography, or wedding photography, the Canon EOS R1 can complete the task.

Canon EOS R1 imaginary map

  As for the launch date of the EOS R1, according to Canonrumors, the camera will be released in the third quarter of 2022, with shipments starting in the fourth quarter.

  In the entry market, the follow-up model of Canon EOS RP has been very popular and is expected to debut in 2022. As an upgrade of the EOS RP, the new phone is expected to still use a 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor (or 30-megapixel), support 4K uncropped video shooting, and improve focusing performance and continuous shooting capabilities. Of course, as an entry-level model, the price will be within 10,000 yuan, making it a good market competitor with the Nikon Z5 .

Canon EOS RP

  In addition to the above two models, Canon is also rumored to be developing an APS-C format high-speed flagship mirrorless camera EOS R7. In terms of function, the EOS R7 is similar to the Canon EOS 7D micro-single version. It adopts an APS-C frame sensor of about 30 million pixels, supports 4K video shooting, high-speed continuous shooting above 20fps, and has a dual-card slot design, focusing on high-speed photography. There is news that this camera will be launched in July or August 2022, we will wait and see.

Canon EOS RP High-pixel 5 fps continuous shooting, 4K video, 5-axis image stabilization

· Nikon articles:

  Nikon can be said to be very concerned about the camera market in 2021. The release and launch of the retro-looking Nikon Z fc and the flagship Nikon Z 9 instantly made these two cameras one of the most popular camera products, and also caused a difficult time. requested situation. In 2022, Nikon will continue to develop mirrorless cameras, and there are many new rumors about Nikon cameras.

Nikon Z8 imaginary picture

  First up is the Nikon Z 8, another long-rumored Nikon mirrorless camera. Regarding this camera, the current news is that it replaces the mirrorless camera model of the Nikon D800 series. The prototype of the Nikon Z 8 is still in testing. The test machine is equipped with two sensors of 45 million pixels and 61 million pixels. As for the final version of the machine, it is still unknown. The Nikon Z 8 is expected to debut in the second or third quarter of 2022.

  In the entry-level full-frame market, Nikon will upgrade the current Nikon Z 5 and launch the Nikon Z 5 II. There is not much news about the Nikon Z 5 II. It is expected that the machine will still be equipped with a 2400-watt full-frame CMOS sensor, but the focus performance and video shooting capabilities will be enhanced to make the product more competitive.

nikon z fc

  Last year Nikon released the retro-looking Nikon Z fc with a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor. After the release of this retro-looking Nikon mirrorless camera, the market feedback was very good, and users also called for Nikon to launch a full-frame version of the Z fc camera. So will Nikon launch a full-frame version of the Z fc in 2022? Let’s wait and see.

  In addition, in 2022, Nikon may also launch an APS-C mirrorless camera called “Z 30”, which is positioned lower than the Nikon Z50 and has a more attractive price, in order to occupy more entry-level market players. share. save with NordicTrack Discount Code

Nikon Z30 imaginary picture

·Sony articles:

  Sony will release two mirrorless cameras, the flagship model A1 and A7M4 in 2021, especially the Sony A7 M4 can be described as “the long-awaited one.” This mirrorless camera with well-balanced performance in still photos and dynamic videos is hard to find after its release, and the premium is very serious.

  In 2022, Sony must first solve the production capacity problem of the Sony A7M4. After all, the popularity of this camera is still very high, and many users who are waiting to buy are waiting for the price of this camera to return to a reasonable position.

  In terms of new products, in 2022, Sony will launch two full-frame professional mirrorless cameras, A9 III and A7R V. In terms of APS-C format, it will launch a new series, which is expected to be the follow-up model of the Sony A6000 series, which will be in video capabilities. go a step further.

Sony A9 III imaginary map

  Regarding the Sony A9 II I, the current news says that this will be an earth-shaking camera. Although it still uses a 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, it will have a significant advance in focusing ability, continuous shooting and video shooting. , and it will also be equipped with a new menu design and an oblique angle screen that is more suitable for framing. The camera is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2022. Shop now using sports direct discount code

  There is not much news about Sony’s other high-pixel A7R V camera, but at present, this camera will still maintain 61 million pixels, and it will be fully upgraded in terms of focusing performance, high-sensitivity image quality and video shooting. Video can shoot 8K 30P and 4K 60P video, the ability will be further improved. As for the release time of the A7R V, it is still uncertain, there is news that it will be released in the fourth quarter of 2022, and there is also news that it will be released in 2023.

  In addition to the A9 III and A7R V, the upgraded model of the Sony A6600 will also be launched in 2022. For this series, it is reported that Sony will rename it to bring a new series, perhaps jumping directly to the A7000 name. Regarding the follow-up upgrade of the Sony A6600 series, the current news is that this series will improve the video capabilities. After all, Vlog short videos are the mainstream today, and the video capabilities of the camera are particularly valued. The Sony A6000 series has always been the first choice for many UP owners, so the new product It’s no surprise that the main video is featured.

· Fuji articles:

  In the past 2021, Fuji has not only launched the medium format mirrorless camera GFX 50s II, but also launched the X-E4 mirrorless camera. In particular, the GFX 50s II medium format mirrorless camera has pushed the price of medium format cameras to a new position and has become the first choice for many landscape photographers.

Fuji X-H2 imaginary map

  According to Fujirumors, Fuji will hold a new X Summit conference in May 2022 to launch the new Fuji X-H2 camera, which is the official follow-up model of Fuji X-H1 released in early 2018. It is reported that Fuji X-H2 will launch two products: high-end version and low-end version. The high-end version uses a 40-megapixel APS-C sensor, and the low-end version uses a 26-megapixel sensor. Since the Fuji XH series has always been focusing on high-speed photography, it is believed that the X-H2 will have a substantial upgrade in continuous shooting capability and focusing capability. We will wait and see.