Top 3 Motorcycle Rides in California That You Must Consider In 2022


California is known as the golden state which means it offers you a view that is breathtaking with light golden Rocky Mountains, deserts, and cactus plants. If you are tired of extreme cold and want to enjoy some time at optimum temperature, you need t considered California right away.

Most people think that since California is known to be a golden state this means it will be just hot but the weather is very optimum and there are so many breathtaking views that will transform your opinion about California.

From foggy mountains that offer you a very misty experience to barren deserts where you can explore the true beauty of golden mountains and rocky cliffs, you will have some of the dense cities with the most diverse population as well.

The best thing about California is that although it offers a good view it never deprives you of the true California experience that everyone craves. It is adventurous yet safe, which means that, unlike most trips where adventure means extreme curvy paths with ditches and narrow roads you will not experience this in California.

Even as a beginner you have just learned how to ride, this trip can be very safe. Even if you don’t own a motorcycle or you have never owned a vehicle before, you will find so many different outlets to rent your motorcycle and since it is most densely populated as well and considered a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts you will be able to find food joints, hotels, restaurants, gas stations and mechanics on the way.

California has some of the best and safest roads that can be used by motorcycle enthusiasts offering them a liberating experience. To sum it all up, California offers something for everyone so you can enjoy your route as well as your destination.

With the help of this article, we will explore some of the best possible California rides ideal for motorcyclists. The idea is to look at the best view as well as the best destinations. This list is ideal for professional bikers who want to have a solo trip, a beginner who has never been on a trip, and people who want to go on group rides with their motorcycle enthusiast friends.

Joshua Tree National Park

Straight out of a motion picture this park is breathtaking and depicts the true California dream. Lined with thorny, thought and thick trees you will find everything about Joshua national park beautiful. From Los angles, this park is just 2 hours away and if you bring your friends along you can make this beautiful place even more entertaining.

However, if you want to experience the true beauty and explore yourself, solitude will be your only resource. While riding you will pass through a lot of rural highways and freeways so you need to get ready for the experience.

Spread across 70 miles, it will take you around 90 minutes to visit the park. However, you need to keep in mind that summers in California can get a little brutal so winter will be a good time to visit.

Pacific Coast Highway One

Ever imagines yourself that you are part of a movie scene, well this highway offers you the true essence that you are playing a lead in a good movie. This is a coastal highway that passes through the western Californian coast. So far this is known to be the best and most prominent route in the countryside. With such a diverse experience you will find yourself experiencing the best places. You will pass through some of the most important benchmarks like Big Sur, Ventura as well as the golden gate.

No matter what you choose or what are your overall expectations for a trip, this place serves you all. You will see countless stunning views with huge mountain terrains as well. This place offers liberation from the city noise.

Redwood Highway

No matter what you want or how you expect your dream route to e, this place is ideal to fulfill your every dream. Redwood Highway is lined with lush green, tall trees with a massive forest and aura. This is the reason you will be able to beta the Californian summers. With the breathtaking view mixed with greens and blues, you will be able to enjoy a landscape that is too good to be true.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, California surely offers something that has a charismatic power to hold you. Where other places offer you a good riding experience at expense of your safety, California is equally good for beginners and experts. However no matter how experts are you, if you are not ready for emergencies you will not be able to have a fun riding experience.

When packing for your trip make sure to keep a tool kit for your motorcycle and know how your motorcycle works. If you have bought a new motorcycle, don’t take it with you unless you have experienced everything about it. On a long journey taking a new motorcycle can turn into a disaster because for those few days your motorcycle will be your partner in crime and your home as well. Apart from this, you need to pack everything from your eatables to your first aid kit and the luggage that you will need on the way.