The Most Exciting Motorcycle Rides in South-East Queensland, AU


When it comes to Australia everything hits different. Surely it is known as the land under because it doesn’t believe in small gestures. From big spiders to big hearts and then breathtaking views, you will find yourself swelling over small details. Australia is surely the land of wonders or just a wonderland. Sometimes the things that you might just find a little interesting in other places are the things that will change your opinion about everything in Australia.

The place is laced with extremely scenic views and the people know the importance of their land. You will see that, unlike most countries, the people of Australia are just fascinated by the word adventure. This extreme lust for adventure is so common in Australia that you will see people work on their swimming skills along with other water sports and what surprises most people, Australians are willing to do anything for adventure.

Although the motorcycle scene in Australia is relatively different from the scene in America. You will not find motorcycle pubs and restaurants everywhere but if you know where to be and what are your requirements your overall trip will be worth a while. As they say, it is not just about the destination but because of the journey but who are we kidding.

We know that if the journey is not worth a while, even the destination will lose its charm. As one of the most breathtaking provinces of Australia Queensland has to offer everything one can think about. It has scenic views and some of the best and most exotic animals along with the places where you can camp and rest if you want to camp overnight with your motorcycle. In short, the options are limitless you just need to choose which one will suit your better.

With the help of this article, we will mainly help you plan a trip to South-East Queensland Australia. We aim to look at some of the most breathtaking destinations with the best routes so you can enjoy your journey as well as the destination.

Esk–Crow’s Nest

Esk is one of the best café shops you will come across for your leisure Sunday ride or just your weekend plan. From pubs to service stations you will find it everywhere here. If you like you can stay there for a bit longer and browse through all the motorcycle museums and you won’t believe it but everything you do here is completely free. You can explore the Esk-Hampton road that will take you to the great diving range that is worth the hassle. Most people like the idea of traveling from Ravens Bourne Recreation Reserve present on the national park road and then they also head to Locker Valley. However, for all these places you need to make sure that you already know where you will healing and what you will be exploring. You can also head to murphy’s creek and from there to Hampton and then finally to the crow’s nest.

Museum Ride

If you are into motorcycles, this place will be heaven for you. We see most people just traveling all the way here for visiting this place. Most people come where and head south to Boonah in the Hassiferm valley. It is no doubt a great place to be and your perfectly cozy eating spot is filled with some of the most beautiful Asian cafes. Then you can move from here to Mt Stanley to Moogerah Dam and finally to the Rathdowney. For most people journey has so much to offer that they try to explore every spot. If you are a photography enthusiast this will be worth your time. For more scenic views and experiencing solace, you can take the Munibilla road that will head you to the main route and Cunningham Highway. Before you go to the museum make sure you book otherwise you might have to wait.

Kin Kin

This place is as interesting as its name. From the Noosa or Gympie area, you can start exploring it from the back road that will lead you to kin kin. Once you reach there you will have so many different places you can explore socially you can explore different traditional eating places, small cafes, and pubs. You can then head to the tin can bay where you can then go to cedar pocket road. Most people take their vehicle and head to the kin kin road from here and enjoy the lump farm terrains. The place is amazing and also offers good food and if you want to refuel there are a couple of service stations as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, there is so much more in Australia than we give it credit for. Most people love the idea of coming here just because they feel it will change their opinion about water sports. However, if you are a motorcycle enthusiast, try to follow all the traffic rules. While packing your equipment and the required things for the journey make sure you bring along your survival kit and your first aid kit. Most people forget their first aid kit which can be very dangerous. In Australia, you can never tell what bit you and almost all the things from small spiders to big insects are poisonous so not carrying your first aid kit can be fatal. Apart from this, learn what to do when something bites you and overall it will be better to wear insect relevant because you will find different insects everywhere. While packing your equipment do not carry heavy luggage without the help of saddlebags or you might lose your balance.