Microsoft Development Services

Microsoft 365, what is it, and why such a broad name? So no, Microsoft 365 is not the new name for Office 365, and it’s not really a new product either.

Microsoft 365 is a packaged offer that includes all the Microsoft software needed for your workstations in a single subscription. It’s a single solution designed to bring together all your business needs for productivity, collaboration and security with Microsoft Development Services.

Concretely, the Microsoft 365 bundled offers include a Pro OS, an office suite, messaging, collaborative tools and finally security solutions. In short, the best of the Microsoft ecosystem for desktops in a single subscription.

Microsoft 365 therefore responds to the most recurring challenges faced by CIOs: the provision of solutions that promote employee productivity, the management of employee mobility, the security of company data and finally the simplicity of the tools.

As with Office 365, the publisher has declined its offer within several plans in order to adapt to the size and complexity of business needs.

Microsoft 365 is therefore offered in 3 distinct plans:

Microsoft 365 Business is the offer dedicated to SMEs with fewer than 300 employees. It integrates the Office 365 Business Premium suite, to which we added an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, and the best of Intune.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 is the offer dedicated to large companies and SMEs with more complex needs. It integrates the Office 365 E3 suite, to which an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro has been added, and the EMS suite.

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Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 is the offer dedicated to companies with more advanced security needs. In addition to the Office 365 E5 plan and an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, it includes Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, and the advanced version of EMS.


To exchange daily with CIOs, I know that at this stage many of you must still ask yourself the question: what is the point of this bundled offer? Why not just continue to purchase perpetual licenses individually when purchasing PCs?

The bricks included in this suite were generally already available through other purchasing methods.

On the other hand, here, the tools of the different suites are all designed to interface and work together, and, thanks to the subscription model, they are always up to date, which ensures you a homogeneity on the whole of your computer park.

On the other hand, these tools can all be monitored via a single console, so exit the VLSC portal and goodbye the micro-management of boxed licenses that must be installed manually and one by one.

Finally, as in any self-respecting bundled offer, all of the products that the offer contains cost less than buying each of these products independently. Microsoft 365 can therefore save you money!

For SMEs, the Microsoft 365 Business offering contains the essential Microsoft products for the proper functioning of the company on a daily basis. We, therefore, avoid oversized products here which, if they have all their interest for a multinational, are superfluous for many companies on a more human scale. In return, this plan is offered at a more than reasonable price: €16.90/month without commitment (as a reminder, the Business Premium suite costs €12.70/month and Intune costs €6.15/month, i.e. a total of 18 €.85 for 2 products which do not even represent the entire suite).

For large companies, the Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 and E5 offer to include very comprehensive offers with a particular emphasis on security and data management, these two elements being key subjects in the current context, with advanced threats of increasingly innovative and the prerequisites that will soon be imposed by the GDPR. Microsoft has of course anticipated this point: all Microsoft 365 and Office 365 offers already comply with the requirements of the GDPR regulation.

Finally, whatever suite suits you best, choosing Microsoft 365 will allow you to simplify your purchases: your entire workstation is now available in a single subscription, no need to plan a large budget to renew all your licenses. Office following a major update, your costs are now under control, stable and predictable.


As with Office 365, Compufirst supports you throughout your Microsoft 365 project.

We are present in pre-sales to detail the Microsoft 365 offers and help you choose the one best suited to your needs.

In addition to our service of auditing your fleet of messaging licenses, an ideal prerequisite for optimizing the management of your software assets, we can also help you define your migration plan and support you throughout it, by relying on on engineers certified by Microsoft.