The Pop up bed is a compact sofa that opens with a single gesture, or a pouf that hides a small bed perfect for the last minute guest.

It happens to everyone to have to welcome a relative or a dear friend into the house at the last minute, and maybe even offer him a bed to save him the expense of a hotel. It is a very nice act of courtesy and hospitality, but often one is forced to yield to the improvised guest only the sofa, not having extra beds. The ideal solution in this case is the Pop up bed.

The Pop up bed is a smart solution for those who have to accommodate a person quite often and do not want to confine them to the sofa , but at the same time do not have the space for an Ottoman beds in the house. More compact and small and discreet than a sofa Ottoman beds, which is challenging, the Pop up beds are hidden under the guise of a small sofa or a pouf in the living room . And if necessary they become a comfortable Ottoman beds for the last second guest .

Compact design

With a modern and compact design, elegant and discreet, Pop up beds do not discredit your living room , far from it. They translate into very appreciable furnishing accessories even in a modern home, and perfect for all particularly small homes that need “an extra bed” but at the same time save space.

There are different types of Pop up beds , also depending on the size of the bed we intend to obtain from it. It is therefore worthwhile, choosing it, to calculate the space in the house well. Some are equipped with wheels, which makes it easier to move, others are very light in structure to be moved to different areas of the house without any problem.

Abroad, pop up beds appear as very pleasant sofas or poufs, and are therefore certainly useful furnishing accessories, beautiful to look at. There are Pop up beds of various styles, to perfectly adapt to the various styles that a home can have: pop, modern, minimalist, classic, vintage, and so on. Whatever style your home is, there is a perfect Pop up bed that can go very well with your room and that will become the perfect piece of furniture, very useful when an unexpected guest knocks on your door. Since there is no limit to the imagination, we have some very original Pop up beds perfect for embellishing a particular home.

The beds Pop up with the classic opening , what you pull towards you and opens in three moves: the accordion bed that unfolds by pulling it from the front, the drawer, the one in the book and then many shapes, colors, different styles, fabrics in order to blend well with your home.


evaluate the space well, as we have said, keep in mind that the depth of the sofa or armchair bed is about 210 cm, and that the passage around it must be at least 60 cm. If you want to put a small table in front of the sofa that becomes a bed, then the best solution is to choose it with wheels so that it can be moved if necessary.

Once you have seen the different styles of Pop up beds, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs and your home. You will have an extra bed, perfect for every situation, which you can then easily transform into a sofa for your family.