Orange Publishers On The Self-Publishing Business Model


Self-publishing is quickly becoming one of the most sought after and one of the most compatible ways of publishing in the modern world. But in order to get an insight into the self-publishing industry, we have to look at numbers.

The self-publishing industry is currently estimated to be an industry of over a billion dollars.

This begs the question “Is it viable to have a career and is it even practical to be a professional self-published book author?”

In this blog, we will look just at that and understand why the self-publishing industry is as big as it is and how you can hope to earn proper profits and make a name in the literary world through the power of self-publishing.


The business model of cell publishing is everything you want it to be.

It is scalable and by that, we mean that it depends totally on you on how big you want your publishing scale to be and how many books you want to publish.

Yes, the fact of the matter remains that in self-publishing you have to spend the capital yourself but then again this is one of the best ways to publish because you simply get to be the publisher.

In traditional publishing, you are simply an author and the client and someone who gets compensation for their efforts but in self-publishing, you get to be the person who makes the final decisions.


You might have this question if you are the publisher then what is the publishing house doing in this equation?

Simply put, self-publishing houses like ours at Orange Publishers are one of the most transparent companies out there in the publishing world and it is only possible through the virtue of self-publishing.  We are simply here to assist the author to publish their book and that makes us as well as the author both publishers, self-publishing is a partnership in trust.

The author gets to stay independent and gets to put forward whatever deal they are comfortable with and only after that agreement is satisfactory to both parties, the publication process begins. While traditional publishing houses will simply publish the book for you and will promote it according to their analytics and their will upon the market performance of a book. In self-publishing, however, the author gets to make the decisions on how much marketing should be done and where the avenues the book gets promoted.

To simply put, in the world of self-publishing the author gets to be the publisher and gets to have the power that traditional publishers hold.


  • OPEN TO EVERYONE – The best thing about self-publishing is that it consists of an inclusive community of aspiring writers and authors. This community is not judgemental and if you are willing enough and if you write then you can be a part of this ever-expanding literary community.  When can we say that a community is fully inclusive?  We can say that when this community is not akin to prejudice and is not judgemental and is welcoming to everyone who wants to be a contributing member of this community. This is the same with the self-publishing community.  As one of the most open communities, everyone is welcome to try their luck at reaching the audience that they deserve.  There are no prejudices and self-publishing bookhouses are quite open and are not judgemental of your work.  They are simply here to be an aid to the publishing.
  • NO CONNECTIONS NEEDED – In the world of self-publishing, you do not need any connections in the publishing world.  While we are not saying that traditional publishing is filled with nepotism, just that you need to make a name first after years of gruelling patience and then you get to have a say in the publishing process and community.  In the world of self-publishing, however, there is no such thing as unnecessary time delays and the writer can therefore choose to express themselves through their published book whenever they want and not the publishers.  This type of autonomy and power without connections is truly a remarkable fact about self-publishing.
  • THE INVESTMENT –   There is this common myth that’s around self-publishing and that it is simply a cash well where the writer keeps on spending and investing. That is hardly true because self-publishing is perhaps one of the most direct methods of transforming this investment into outreach and publishing in the quickest time possible. Now, of course, there are going to be some authors that are not liked as much by the audience and that is also true in the case of traditional publishing but as we can see the norm in the last 10 to 15 years, some of the biggest best-selling authors have found success through self-publishing and these authors are some of the biggest names in the literary world. They did not start by spending millions but simply started with a small amount which they directly invested into their books which then got published and directly sold and then through word-of-mouth and clever marketing reached their audience. The self-publishing sector is scalable and it is up to you how big you want to get.
  • THE SELF-PUBLISHING COMPANY DOES EVERYTHING, LITERALLY – While in any other business if you are the business owner you would have to maintain inventory, as well as deal with the customer service and maintain the taxes as well as other legalities.  The best thing about the self-publishing business model is that leading Book Publishers in India like ours at Orange Publishers will do everything for you from the printing to the selling to the distribution to the marketing and everything in between including copyright.  You simply have to do what you do best and that is being a writer.

So, this was a brief overview of the self-publishing business model and how it can help emerging authors carve out a space in this fast literary world.  And we at Orange Publishers would like to be your guide in your literary journey as we help you out throughout the publishing process. As for being India’s fastest growing self-publishing book house, you can trust us, as we trust you.