MAS Business Solutions- Designing digital transition paths for SMEs

Jole Figliomeni

Jole Figliomeni in the business world, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises that struggle to compete with larger companies. These smaller firms often lack resources like expertise or knowledge about how best to utilize their money when it comes time for expansion into new markets. This makes them susceptible as they don’t know what steps must be taken next for business growth. 

MAS Solution offers SMEs consulting services that help alleviate some of these problems by providing strategic advice tailor towards your needs to ensure that you always stay one step ahead – no matter if it’s managing innovation strategy within an organization’s existing framework or identifying gaps in terms.

M.A S Business Solutions

M.A S Business Solutions was founded with the collaboration of professionals from various fields, having extensive experience in consulting for companies about how best they can adopt digital journeys and take advantage technology-wise during the pandemic period. 

Nowadays, many small businesses face unique challenges that make them more susceptible than larger enterprises would be if there were no changes cause by evolving needs or opportunities present at every turn. M.A S Business Solutions has actively support many companies in adopting digital journeys and taking advantage of technology-related changes. Furthermore, we strive towards helping small & medium enterprises overcome challenges ahead while continuing to support growth throughout all stages. 

Services offered

Sometimes change is difficult to deal with and can be overwhelming. What if you had a team that would not only help your company digitalize but also make sure it was resilient when face with uncertainty in the future?

Highly specialize international teams create digitalization transformation paths that improve operational efficiency while making an organization resilient against change. The idea behind MAS consulting services is to ensure every client gets tailor solutions base on their unique situation, so that there’s no fear of getting left behind or missing out on any trends!

Strategic and management consulting

The company, M.A S Business Solutions, provides a platform with high add value to SME companies in the reference and international markets by offering the best solutions for their success as per client requirements. Some of their strategic service offerings include Reengineering, Organizational Audit, Corporate Strategy implementation, Outsourcing Skills, and more. 

Innovation management

Innovation management is a strategic approach to maximizing the potential for innovation in your company. MAS Business Solutions teams support organizations’ projects by optimizing facilities made available through Italian government and EC funding, such as 4.0 training or FNC. 

Risk management 

Risk management is an integral part of any business and personal financial plan. Through risk assessments, companies can identify risks to their organization before they become significant problems that could lead to lost revenue or other costly consequences for your company’s bottom line if left uncheck with proper tools at hand. 

Risk Management Solutions offers SMEs protection against potential expenses due diligence efforts by identifying new solutions in order to minimize losses. It also includes maintaining regulatory compliance that ensures stability within an organization while protecting our clients’ investments from any potential damages cause by unforeseen circumstances. 

IT consulting 

IT consulting is the process of implementing information systems in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The process starts with redesigning business processes and continues onto designing the infrastructure on which an IT solution will be base in order for it to work properly and ensuring security measures like encryption are put into place so that data cannot be hack or compromise during transmission. 


MAS Business Solutions has the best resources to help you succeed in your business endeavors. With our solutions, we can provide access and guidance for all of your needs at an economical price point that will not break the bank! Additionally, with this package deal comes standardization across different industries and any other challenges face by entrepreneurs, such as innovation or corporate governance. It’s time to get ready because transformation is just around.