The Journey From Modern Management Psychology to the Wisdom

Modern Management Psychology

Just in case you need to refresh your memory I would like you to read the book ” clinicians and Consciousness: Coaching the Human Soul from Opening to Change” by David Haig. Although I thought the book was quite brilliant the writing is a bit slow in my opinion. Unfortunately that is also true with some of the written material.

Plenty of us share the goal of being an authentic and spontaneous leader in our careers and may rely on enlisting the services of a mental health professional to help us along. Our lives are busy and stressful as a result. Often times our job binds us in ways that others do not understand. The wise counsel of a mental health professional can help us very much.

There are many books that give us an idea of how we can do some self evaluating to help improve our self in some way. I have read quite a few and from my readings I have come to a few good bits of advice. One says ” monitor yourself much like a doctor monitors you”. This advice I think is good. We often focus on people who do not structure their lives for self leading versus the more obvious examples of healthy living such as; diet and getting plenty sleep.

All of the principles that I have read in books and journals to be more self conscious through goal setting and monitoring how we act, think and feel can also be followed and implemented with our professional and personal lives.

Goal setting is not just some vague exercise that makes no real impact on your daily life, and monitoring also sounds a little hokey at first glance. I think it could be completed like a bit of counseling or coaching where there is a control exerted through defining a short, medium and long term goal.

Once you get down to the action level of how you will monitor the goal setting process you achieve very similar techniques, but this time you can see some targets that can be put in place to measure the outcome of the action you are taking.

This can be done on a table that you can create and in a tangible way that you can put your system somewhere that you can see it every day. Maybe if this could be taken out of a programme or in to the workplace and every time you see it you will get re-programmed and motivated to continue on this course.

This process can be transposed as goal setting and monitoring and to be honest I believe the outcomes achieved will be very similar to the above if not better.

The person that college ended up being was an example of someone that went above and beyond that we would not ever imagine of anyone being when they were in college. The main reason why is because as a college student things can happen very quick and at times very humongous and goal setting starts only when the crisis has hit and moved down through the levels to the day sweeper who might actually break hand. The next aspect of goal setting for me is finding initial software or resources to avoid future problems. In my professional opinion software is the way to go in this case.

Any way as it goes Ipects of my ideal day is getting that rise head. This morning, at least being a Systems expert Outfit expert, I find goal setting along with monitoring has been the key to my peak and output. This is a far reach from than I once thought. I feel like a winner in just a little bit.

Some of you may be saying “if I can’t be a winner in just a little way, how about the reply to someone who would like some help in just clearing up the complexities of customer problems to use in a wicked outlined fashion that will be below this person’s current means of doing business. Many of your suggestions will be obsolete or at the least will require detailed study of your client’s situation. This is Time Set and task desk advice also.

My main recommendation to a reader is to ask around. How is your young team, co-workers, staff. Read books, read magazines, even the internet on. Go to the people that have already achieved what you are striving for and watch their path closely, learn from what they already know and model it often. Project a video about participating in world-class actions and write down your goals and success observations upon that.

I feel that we all may be able to look at everyone who has been successful and make use of their path to their ongoing success. It’s never too late to consider things. To be honest as anhearted coach I can look back on what I did and what I have accomplished.

That would be a cake walk and in a way it really birthed me and may actually serve as another step that helps me continue in life without it becoming one of those high profile confrontations.