Jerry Bola And Martial Art Extreme – A Brief Story


This blog is kind of special to us because in this blog we speak of Martial Art Extreme(MAE) founder and the friend and inspiration behind everything that we are doing in the world of fitness.

Before we start by talking about Jerry Bola’s story we would like to say that martial arts is born out of necessity and fitness is also born out of necessity to do better.  Fitness may seem cosmetic but is deeply psychological and by that, we mean that fitness has the power to do more for your mind than for your body as most people think.

 The only problem with fitness is that it always needs great dedication and only after people have passed this stage of getting over their anxiety of entering the world of fitness and totally giving in, can they truly start their journey of fitness.

Having said this, let us talk about the fitness journey of our founder and inspiration Jerry Bola.

Where did it all start?

This journey of fitness and martial arts did not start on its own.  It started with the urge for self-preservation and self-defence. Jerry was a small child and by small we mean that he wasn’t as physically dominating as the other kids in his class.  This led to what we can call one of the worst things to happen to a child and that is bullying.  There was no answer to the torture this mental and physical torture where Jerry could not figure out why was he being treated like this.

Obviously, the mind of a child is too innocent to understand the psychology of a bully and why the world is not fair and why this takes place.  Jerry being the nice and quiet kid kept quiet and never retaliated.

 As time passed, the bullying got more dangerous.  Jerry was now 16 and had to leave home to seek out a life on his own so at this young age, he left on his journey of seeking out success in the world. But the bullying never left him.

While he was small he was being bullied by children of his age and now that he was nearly an adult, he was being bullied by people of his age and still, he could not understand why was it like this. 

Why does a person who is smaller in stature gets bullied by someone simply because of how they look like?

Why do the bullies target people who have never harmed them a single day in their lives?

Why does no one speak out for these people who are kind and want to be left alone and not be bullied?

These were the kinds of questions that Jerry was wondering about but he never came across any definite answers to these burning questions.  However, even at this young age, Jerry knew something had to be done and the answer was to get bigger in size and if he could train his mind and his body to get bigger and more mature and stronger, then and only then could he combat these bad people in the world.

The Change

As these questions baffled Jerry, he kept finding the answers but things were as it is, until something really bad happened.

As Jerry left home to go out into the world to get work and become a self-dependent person, he found work at a sawmill. The hours wet tough and he was still being bullied by people around him. He kept lifting weights thinking that maybe, just maybe if he got bigger, they wouldn’t bully him.

But this did not help.

The course of Jerry Bola’s life changed when he was punched in the side of his head by his bully.  This is the moment that transformed the life of the renowned martial arts master and fitness personality and made him into what he is today. 

He got tired of staying quiet, lifting weights and got to know of this fantastic world of martial arts and when he was just only 19 years old in the year 1980 he started training at a Taekwondo club.  This gave him an entirely new perspective on life and this made him become the person he is as he continues to defend himself and others around him.

In this Tae Kwon Do club, he began training in a mixture of kickboxing, boxing and Taekwondo. This got him hooked on the world of martial arts, and by the mid 80’s he had actually learned and practised and perfected this art so much that he began teaching on his own.

The Teacher

Thus began the long journey of teaching and inspiring thousands of students by teaching them a plethora of martial arts styles, fitness techniques and guidance. The facts that made all these possibilities can be multiple but the simplest reason would be the fact that Jerry is a simple and approachable person. This is why he has been so influential in touching so many lives.

The turning point came on 15 May 2003, this was the day Jerry could finally look back at all those years of blood sweat and tears and say that his efforts were being recognised by one of the highest bodies of martial arts in the world. On this day Jerry Bola was awarded and certified with a 4th Dan degree in Tae Kwon Do by Choi Jung Hwa, president of the International Taekwondo Federation.

Martial Art Extreme(MAE)

Martial art extreme is a relatively new endeavour by Jerry and the inspiration from this came from gruelling research and meticulous planning for 8 years and the development of these ideas. The inspiration to create this exclusive yet accessible online fitness classes came from the fact that the work landscape of the world was changing as more people were working digitally.  More people were spending most of their working hours in front of a screen without having any physical activity and this was visibly impacting the fitness of these people.

Thus came the idea of creating a platform that would be so simple and compact that they could literally carry the entire fitness program in their pockets.  This made us at MAE, pioneers in the virtual and online fitness training program space.

We would love it if you would visit our website and check out the multiple types of online fitness plans that we at MAE provide.