Important Guide for Centimetre to Feet Online Conversion

centimetre to feet

Individuals who are interested in buying, selling or mortgaging their property must primarily know the basics of measuring a property. They must be aware of the metrics used for measuring properties in India. The two most common measurement units used by property buyers, sellers or builders are centimetres and feet.

In this regard, one needs to understand the conversion of centimetre to feet in detail to make it easy for individuals looking forward to buying a property.

An important guide for centimetre to feet online conversion

Before knowing how to convert cm to feet, it is important individuals know what a centimetre is. A centimetre is a metric unit of measurement which is equal to one-hundredth of a metre. A foot is also a metric unit of measurement used to measure the height of a building, bridge or land. 

Next, individuals must know the most important thing is 1cm to feet conversion. Where, 1 cm=0.0328084 foot.

For example, if the carpet area of a property is 3600 cm, it means the carpet area of that property is 3600×0.0328084, 118.110 feet. 

Various websites offer centimetre to feet online converter tools to make these conversations easier. However, individuals can also do it manually, but errors might increase then.

Therefore, it is advisable to use online calculators to convert centimetres to feet because –

  • The chances of getting wrong answers are low
  • Fast and quick calculations
  • Easy to use and is accessible from anywhere

Benefits of converting property’s measurement from centimetre to feet

It is important to know how to convert centimetres to feet due to the following reasons –

  • If individuals know how to convert their property’s measurement from cm to feet, it can help them in real estate dealings. Since most of the property sellers and builders use square feet as the most common unit of measurement.
  • When property buyers approach financial institutions for a loan against property, they tend to look for property-related details. Therefore, individuals need to submit proper documents and property measurements in square feet as financiers widely prefer it.

However, individuals might find it difficult to convert cm to feet. That is why online land area calculation tools make it easy and hassle-free to complete this process. Individuals need to enter the required values in their provided slot to use these tools.

Then select the conversion area unit from the drop-down list and enter the feet value in the slot. The desired results would be displayed, and individuals can then calculate how much loan they need for the property according to market rates.

A few more units that are supported by online converter tools are:

  • Square metre
  • Square yards
  • Acre
  • Hectare
  • Bigha
  • Kanal
  • Biswa
  • Guntha

After using these online converter tools, individuals can measure their property and approach any reputed financial institution for the desired amount of loan against property. However, other than knowing just the documents and eligibility criteria, borrowers also need to keep in mind a few other things before opting for a loan against property.

Steps to follow to apply for a LAP

Following is a step-by-step guide on the application process of LAPs –

  1. Individuals need to visit the official website of their chosen lending institution and navigate to the loan against property tab
  2. Next, individuals need to click on the ‘apply’ button to get the application form. They need to fill this with all relevant details
  3. The final step would be to attach all the supporting documents with the application form and submit it

Besides knowing the pointers to keep in mind before availing a LAP, borrowers should also check what the charges of their LAP are. Since a loan against property is a long-term financial commitment, proper financial planning would help the borrowers decide their monthly expenses and savings.

Other than that, several financial institutions provide pre-approved offers to their customers to accelerate the loan application process. These offers are applicable on financial products like home loans, LAPs, etc. Borrowers can check their pre-approved offers by providing a few details, such as their contact details and names. This is all for cm to feet conversion. Individuals interested in buying property or applying for a LAP can measure their lands accurately using online converter tools. The use of online tools can give accurate measurement and help them in making knowledgeable decisions.

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