How To Visualize Excellent Data in 2022

How To Visualize Excellent Data

The importance of data visualization in the life of businesses is unquestionable. Without them, individual performance indicators, targets, and trends would become completely incomprehensible.

However, many people are wondering what solution is available when it comes to data visualization in addition to simple tables and graphs? What information should be visualized at all?

In the following, we will show you all of these. Let’s get started.

About the visualization

Many people when they hear that data visualization scares them. They think they need to do some serious statistical calculations and that they only need to make charts for hours. 

However, you have to let go of that thought.

Data visualization is a much more interesting thing and nowadays it is no longer just about editing tables and charts. There are plenty of tools at your disposal to experience evaluating your data. Examples of such tools are heatmaps, session replay, or even some built-in software.

But let’s not run so far forward, what is data visualization?

This method gives the info a graphic illustration. Everyone was trying to collect a great amount of information about their visitors or clients at first, but they soon ran into a dilemma. The issue was that there was a vast volume of data to understand.

This is when data visualization tools prove useful. You will examine your gathered information in up to half the time using this procedure, and you’ll even comprehend it.

Numbers are transformed into graphs and other visualizations through data visualization. These enable firms to monitor their statistics, KPIs, and effective features in real-time, providing a more complete picture of their operation.

But what can you measure with this?

  • The effectiveness of your website
  • The performance of your conversion funnel
  • Your website traffic sources

Let’s see step by step.

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Measure your website efficiency

When you want to measure the performance of your website, we recommend using heatmaps, as these provide the most useful information in this area.

Heatmaps is one of the most powerful ways to optimize your website’s landing pages using A/B testing. I run a lot of affiliate sites and often rely on heatmaps to check which products are catching the maximum attention and then optimize accordingly.

Heatmaps are one of the most advanced and powerful data visualization techniques available. You can use it to figure out what your website’s benefits and faults are. You may also learn how your visitors interact with your website and which subpages they browse.

What is the mechanism behind it? Consider a body-temperature-measuring thermal camera. This tool operates on the same concept.

Warm colors suggest popular areas of your website, whereas cooler hues indicate less popular ones. So you’re probably asking why this is worthwhile to you, and why you should use it.

If you discover which subpages your users are more likely to visit, you might be able to promote in a more focused location that your visitors will discover. Is this useful right?

You can also determine which areas of your website are underutilized. You may also make these places more successful with the help of heatmaps, as the device will show you the most popular elements of your website. Your task is to use these elements in areas that aren’t as efficient.

As you can see, heatmaps are useful tools for evaluating the effectiveness of your website and visitor behavior. When you wish to optimize your website, it might be a terrific solution.

Conversion funnel

The conversion funnel shows how a simple visitor converts into a new customer. Consider it a funnel through which all of your visitors are pushed and only the clients escape at the other side.

Data visualization tools also play a big role in optimizing your conversion funnel. You can also use heatmaps here, but session replays can also be useful tools.

If you want your clients to stay on your website longer and not leave after a few minutes, you need to give it a proper framework.

We recommend using heatmaps to assess the most popular areas of your website and then placing each of the important subpages accordingly. This is significant since you may put them in a spot where your visitors will be certain to find them.

Remember that these visitors will almost certainly arrive on your landing page first. Only include subpages that are relevant to your final customers.

Using heatmaps to figure this out could also be a good idea, as the analysis would tell which pages you visit more frequently.

The cart is an integral part of your conversion funnel. That’s why you have to take it into account during your data visualization analysis.

The usage of heatmaps in cart research is quite essential. Examine how your clients use your cart, what they do, and where they click regularly.

As you can see, heatmaps are an excellent data visualization tool for this.

But what about session replay?

Session replay is also a great tool when it comes to the cart. You can use it to find out which CTAs perform well on your website, so you can optimize it perfectly.

As you can see, session replays and heatmaps are also great tools for optimizing your conversion funnel.

Traffic sources

Data visualization tools are also great for measuring traffic to your website. Built-in software and heatmaps will help you with this.

The built-in modules are suitable for measuring:

  • Social media traffic
  • Organic traffic and reaches
  • Paid traffic and reaches
  • Email traffic
  • Traffic from search engines

You can find this software primarily on social media, which automatically converts numeric data into graphs. However, heatmaps also have a special type that is suitable for traffic research. These are segment heatmaps.

You can figure out where the majority of your traffic comes from using segment heatmaps. With this in mind, if you’re still having trouble keeping track of all your purchases, you can definetely utilize this data to help you.

Believe us when we claim it’s a piece of cake. Believe us when we say that it is quite simple.

All you have to do is look at the most popular resources and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy on these channels. If you notice that social networking interfaces drive the majority of your traffic, you may need to create more posts and advertisements.



As you can see, data visualization is extremely important in the life of a business. Be it heatmaps, session replays, or built-in modules, they all provide useful information.

We recommend that you use a combination of the above methods and repeat at regular intervals.

We hope we can help.