How to Make the Most of AI Marketing Cashback

AI Marketing Cashback

You can earn cashback when you make purchases from physical stores. But how do you make the most of the offers? To claim the cashback, you must upload your receipt and validate the transaction. Once you’ve uploaded your receipt, you’ll need to login to your account and select offline cashback offers from the left side of the dashboard. Then, click “Claim Cashback” to receive your rewards. You will have to wait for a certain period of time, called the “Validation Period.”

INB Network

The INB Network and AI Marketing have rebranded as CashBackPro, and both rely on an AI marketing bot to pay their investors. In a nutshell, both sites are Ponzi schemes. While AI Marketing pays ROI in USD, they require you to invest in NBO. Therefore, it is difficult to determine their accuracy. This is why you should ask for evidence before you invest. You can avoid falling victim to these scams by asking for evidence.

The INB Network ai marketing cashback plan has 14 levels and pays a commission of 5-15% on direct referrals and 0-10% on sub-referrals. It also offers double sponsorship and a percentage of each partner’s advertising budget. Besides, the commissions are in the form of PRTN, which are equal to a dollar. Withdrawals are also made in bitcoin. Besides, the program also pays sponsors sponsorship bonuses, which range from $100 to $2 million.

AI Marketing

You can use AI Marketing to earn cash back on online purchases. The site works with partner sites to provide cashback. To earn cashback, you must visit a partner site and generate a refund link. Once you have clicked on the link, you will be redirected to the partner site where you can complete your purchase. There are more than 20,000 partner sites that support the cashback program. You can shop at your favorite stores while earning up to 1.5% cashback.

You can use your account balance to buy advertising for your website on Yandex and Google. This will earn you cashback as well as an influx of traffic to your website. To begin earning cashback, you must first create an account with an aggregator. Once you sign up, you can start investing by depositing $10. It will take a few days for your funds to be cleared as a marketing budget. In the meantime, the robot will spend the funds and generate sales. Once the sales are completed, the cashback will be split between you and AI Marketing. You should note that each aggregator has its own timeline for approving cashback, so be sure to keep your account updated regularly.

INB Network referral commissions

There are three ways to earn from the INB Network – referral commissions, bonuses, and downline commissions. You can create a plan to earn from all three streams, or simply focus on one. A bot that tracks global product trends and analyzes social media and search queries can generate revenue for you through a combination of these two methods. Depending on the type of plan you choose, you can expect to receive a portion of the total earnings for each referral.

In order to earn INB Network referral commissions, you must join AI Marketing. You must invest at least $10 to earn your first commission, but you can also earn up to 15% on referrals. You can earn the commissions as PRTN tokens or in USD, and 5% in AI Marketing cashback. You can withdraw your referral commissions using a bitcoin wallet, but be aware of the risks associated with this plan.

Validation period

Ai marketing cashback is a form of discount given on purchases made online. A marketbot analyzes consumer trends and search queries and launches targeted ads on popular internet platforms. These ads are displayed on the websites of partners, so that shoppers who see them move on to make a purchase. A portion of the money is given to ai marketing by the aggregators of products. These ai marketing cashback are calculated by the number of products sold by each partner site.

Ai marketing cashback is calculated using a neural network or proprietary AI technology to analyze receipt data. With this data, a campaign can calculate cashback amounts per consumer. This validation period varies according to the product or service. The average cashback amount is around 2%. The cashback amount is credited to the account after a certain period of time. In some cases, a merchant will pay the cashback via check or in the form of a voucher.

INB Network and AI Marketing’s Ponzi scheme

INB Network and AI Marketing’s Ponzy scheme is a massive pyramid scheme that claims to give investors huge ROI. These companies recruit users to invest in their program and then reward them with a percentage of sales commission or cashback. But, this is not how it works! The INB Network and AI Marketing are Ponzi schemes and you should never invest in them. The Central Bank of Russia has issued a warning about the AI Marketing Ponzi scheme, and the company is now on the run from their customers.

The INB Organization pays commissions in PRTN tokens and asks for $10 to invest in its artificial intelligence advertising. The INB Organization’s artificial intelligence advertising program also asks for interest payments in bitcoin or USD. So, you’re essentially investing in a Ponzi scheme. However, before you make a decision to invest in INB Network and AI Marketing’s Ponzi scheme, ask for evidence. While basic incorporation is meaningless, a passive investment opportunity needs to be registered with the relevant financial regulators and audited to prove that it’s real.