How To Choose A TV For The Bathroom In 2022?

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Given the humidity, Television Repair Services in West Midlands the choice of TV for the bathroom requires thought. Here are some tips for finding the best model and adding the finishing touch to your relaxation area.

Sealing, the first criterion

Television, we usually see it in the living room, in the bedroom or even more and more in the kitchen, but not only. The TV in the bathroom is gaining popularity and for good reason. This room becomes a real well-being space, beyond its primary function, and is equip with new technological equipment.

For this humid location, Television Repair Services in West Midlands keep in mind that a “simple” flat-screen TV is not recommend. Take a waterproof model instead. More and more brands are entering the market for waterproof televisions to be installed in bathrooms and outdoor spaces.

The size: yes to small screens under 40 inches

To choose the dimensions of the TV for your bathroom , proceed in the same way as for your living room. The trick then is to measure the distance between the couch and the post.

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In the bathroom, it is the gap between the bathtub and the wall or the support that will receive the television that gives you the indications on the ideal size of the screen. For a setback of 1 m, Television Repair Services in West Midlands preferably choose a 19″ model, a 22″ or 24″ for a setback of 1.5 m and a 32″ for a setback of 2 m. In summary, a device under 40” is a perfect fit for this room.

Hanging or recessed TV

Another criterion is how the TV is install for the bathroom . With concealment behind a mirror, you have the choice between two installation systems. Either you hang the TV on the wall or you build it into it. In most cases, bathroom TVs come with the necessary brackets. The screen does not fear condensation and the remote control is fully waterproof. No need to dry your hands to handle it.

In the evening, after a long day of work, Television Repair Services in West Midlands you will enjoy relaxing in a hot bath, watching your favorite program.

An unwant TV breakdown while you’re watching your favorite shows could be devastating. Moreover, the rising cost of TV repair & replacements could just exaggerate your worries. Therefore, you must  get a comprehensive service plan that ensures protection from damages or electrical failures.

Where do QLED and OLED technologies come from?

QLED or OLED screens are very similar. However, upon closer inspection, some differences can be seen. First of all, what you need to know is that OLED technology is present on Sony and LG devices. As for the one call QLED, it was specially develop by Samsung and is therefore use by televisions of this brand only.

Why not a model hidden behind a mirror?

In the world of high technology, we are no longer surprise by anything. Some high-tech mirrors can for example act as touch screens. If this jewel is still out of reach for the greatest number, Television Repair Services in West Midlands the television in the bathroom is already on the way to becoming a classic. To bring this futuristic touch, opt for an installation behind the mirror. You will find on the Internet a complete offer of standard size or custom-made TV mirrors.

Compatible with all types of televisions, it lets the images appear clearly when the screen is on (light transmission of more than 90%) and looks like a simple mirror when it is off.