How do you remove a broken key from a lock?

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How do you remove a broken key from a lock?

Concretely, when you find yourself with a piece of a key in your hands and a half-key stuck in a lock, it’s no joy! You say to yourself: “but how do you remove a broken key from a lock? That’s pretty good since today we’re giving you all the solutions available to you in such a situation. This will save you from spending astronomical sums on a locksmith in Tampa, especially if the tragedy takes place on a Sunday evening in winter or on a public holiday (the sum may be steep). 

If you are a good handyman

The first solution to remove a broken key in a lock is to put a very small amount of glue on a pointed object (a wire, for example, will do the trick). You can just as well put glue on the part of the key that remained in your hands. 

The goal, you will have understood, is to succeed in introducing the glued element into the lock so that it presses against the broken end. Being sticky, there is a good chance that the end of the wire will stick to the stuck part of the key. You’ll be able to remove the key with a slight rotation from there.

You must have glue nearby and be a good handyman to perform this operation. 

With the right accessories

Sometimes it happens that by chance, it is rather easy to remove a broken key in a lock because the latter protrudes a few centimeters. All you’ll need in this case are flat-nose pliers. If you have tweezers in your bag, you could be very useful because they work with this type of accessory.

Armed with composure and patience, all you have to do is try to grab the protruding end of the lock to pull it out. Child’s play! 

The pro kit

Finally, be aware that kits include all the necessary tools for this type of incident. Inside you will find a key extractor: usually sold in specialized stores, you have several tools of different thicknesses to adapt it to your needs. 

The key extractor consists of a handle and a hooked rod to activate the lock’s pin and thus unlock it. 

If all these solutions have proven ineffective, all that remains is to change the barrel. In locksmithing, the barrel is the name designating the cylinder, which is used to lock or unlock a lock. 

You can thus disassemble the barrel, fill it with penetrating oil, and then, by tapping, put the broken key back in its axis.

Finally, enter another key outside, and tap sharply with a hammer. Watch out for your fingers! You can also opt for the simplest and fastest solution: buy another barrel with its keys. 

You should only use a professional as a last resort. He can unlock the door for you, unjam the broken key in the lock, replace the cylinder, or change the complete lock for you.