Do Plants Grow Better In Ceramic Pots?

Ceramic pots are very popular among the gardeners. The reason behind its popularity is that it is a sturdy and durable material. If you own a garden then you might have heard about the ceramic pots. The potteries make different types of pots. Among them the most popular and best-selling Plant pots are the ceramic pots.

If you own a plant in a clay pot then you must know that it will not grow well. It is because clay is a porous material and it absorbs water very quickly. If you put the pot in water then you will see that the water gets absorbed in the pot very quickly.

It is because of this reason that you should use a different type of pot for your plants. There are many types of pots available in the market. Among them the most common and best-selling pots are the ceramic pots.

The ceramic pots are available in different sizes and shapes. It is a material that is very strong and hard. So, it is very difficult to crack the pot. It is because of this reason that the ceramic pots are used for the outdoor plants.

If you own a garden then you should go for a ceramic pot if you want to grow a plant. There are many benefits of growing a plant in a ceramic pot. Let us see the list of the benefits of growing plants in a ceramic pot.

They Are Durable

The ceramic pots are very durable. It is because of this reason that you will not face any problems when you grow a plant in it.

They Are Non-Porous

Ceramic pots are very good for the plant Pots. Because it is a non-porous material it will not absorb water from the soil.

They Are Very Easy To Maintain

Ceramic pots are very easy to maintain. If you keep it clean then it will stay in good condition for a long time.

Can You Plant In Ceramic Pots Without Drainage Holes?

Most of the people like to have their plants in pots, but the problem is that the pots are not suitable for the plants, because they have drainage holes. If you buy a pot and you find that it has drainage holes then it means that the pot is not suitable for plants.

It is the most important thing that you need to check the pots before buying. The pots which are suitable for the plants are those that don’t have drainage holes. But most of the pots that are available in the market have drainage holes.

Here I am sharing a very effective method to plant in pots without drainage holes. So, if you want to plant in pots without drainage holes then read the below-mentioned methods and try to follow them.

Steps To Follow

Buy the best quality pot

You can buy the best quality pots from any home gardening store. You can choose from the wide range of pots that are available in the market.

Take care of the pots

The pots that you buy should be well taken care of. You need to make sure that the pot is clean, as dirty pots will not be suitable for the plants.

Check the drainage holes

If you have bought the right type of pot, then you can plant your plants in it. But before that, you need to check the pots that you have bought. You can easily check the pots by looking at the drainage holes. If you find that the holes are blocked or filled with dirt then you need to clean the pots and check the drainage holes again.

Use a good soil

Once you have checked the pots that you have bought, you can start planting your plants in it. Before that, you need to use the best quality soil for the pots. You can check the soil by rubbing it between your fingers. If it is not sticky then you can use it to plant your plants.

Water the pots

After you have planted your plants in the pots, you need to water the pots. You can water the pots by placing it in the water for 2 to 3 hours. After 2 to 3 hours, you can drain the water from the pots and leave the pots in the sun for 2 to 3 hours.

Are Glazed Ceramic Pots Good For Plants?

Do you know that the glazed ceramic pots are the best option for the indoor gardening? Yes, glazed ceramic pots are good for the indoor gardening.

In the past, ceramic pots were used for the indoor gardening, but now, you will get a wide range of pots to choose from. Ceramic pots come with many benefits.

Ceramic pots are made from clay and it is very strong. It will last for a longer period and it will not break easily. You can use the pots for any type of plant and you will never get problems with drainage or water leaking.

The pots are lightweight, so you won’t feel tired if you carry the pots on your shoulder. The pots will also keep your hands dry because of its waterproof nature.

Glazed ceramic pots are durable and it will not crack or break easily. The pots will also keep the temperature constant.

If you have a pot with you when you go to the market, you will get the best prices. The pots are available in various sizes and designs.

Glazed ceramic pots are easy to clean and they will not get dirty easily. So, you will have to clean the pots only once in a year.


If you are looking for a solution for the plant care then ceramic pots are the best option. They are not only durable but also very easy to maintain.