What Must Haves for Cosmetic Boxes – The Ultimate Guide

custom cosmetic boxes

The cosmetics and makeup industries are among those industries which seldom see a recession no matter what are the circumstances around the globe. And, the future of these industries doesn’t seem to be any different from their past. The demand for cosmetics is always high. The competition is fiercer than before and the survival for the manufacturers is tougher than ever before. You ought to keep up the ante with the highest quality cosmetic products if you really are enthusiastic about thriving amongst thousand other competitors. However, those who have a knowledge of the changing market dynamics are well aware of the fact that quality today is not the only decisive factor for success. 

Even the highest quality cosmetic products with the purest ingredients won’t even get noticed if they aren’t presented well. The retail business today is more about a comprehensive, fulfilling, and satisfying branding experience. This wholesome retail experience cannot be provided without a professional retail packaging which makes your products more presentable. Same is true for cosmetic products just like any other consumer product. You need to have well designed, presentable custom cosmetic boxes to be able to get noticed, and be recognized in the first place. Otherwise, no matter how high quality your cosmetic products are, they are going to be lost amongst a thousand other brands also claiming to be the best. 

Here are a few tips on how you can make your cosmetic boxes noticeable, presentable, and capable of providing a fulfilling branding experience. 

Always go for the Most Advanced Printed Equipment

The success in the packaging industry is dependent on the quality of equipment your packaging company uses more than any other factor. No matter how novel your box design is or how professional your printing layout is, if the packaging company doesn’t get it done through the highest quality machinery, it is not going to get you where you wanted to be. 

When you select your packaging partner, the top most criterion should be the quality equipment. Make sure that your selected company uses the latest machinery and it has the most qualified staff to use that machinery. Whether you are going for offset printing or digital printing, always use the latest machinery for the best results. Similarly, if you decide to use die cutting, only rely on the computer operated, best quality die machines which provide the highest accuracy and the finest cutting. 

Keep in View the Demographics of your Target Audience

One of the most decisive factors in designing a successful cosmetic box is how you make it relatable for your customers. How you make them notice it and be impressed by it to the extent that they pick it up amongst the other hundreds of brands on the same shelf.

In short, designing a box doesn’t end on your customer, it actually starts with them in mind. When you get your boxes designed and printed, keep in mind the specific demographics of your potential customers. For example, the age you are targeting, the financial status or class, their likings and disliking even while selecting a color scheme for your box, etc. have a crucial role to play. 

For example, for some of your cosmetics, you might be targeting the younger customers like the teenagers. For them, you may go for a vibrant color scheme for your boxes. whereas, when you are targeting the office going ladies pursuing a professional like, you might want to get your boxes printed with such colors and graphics which reflect sobriety, professionalism, and maturity. 

In short, it is important to design every aspect of your box according to the mindset and expectations of the target audience. Go for something which is likely to attract the attention of that specific class which you are targeting as your potential customers. 

Go for the Premium Quality Finishing

There doesn’t exist a cosmetic box which doesn’t have a luxurious coating to finish it up well. A final coating helps make your cosmetic boxes look premium. It gives them an air of luxury and gives your brand an image of an elite brand. 

Simply put, a final finish adds to the value of your product by giving it a fulfilling retail packaging. Moreover, final coating also helps to provide some more protection to the eyelash packaging box. Boxes which have a coating are less likely to wear off too quickly and their printed text and graphics are also protected well. 

The packaging companies today are offering a variety of finishing types. For example, you can go for a matte finish, glossy finish, semi gloss finish, aqueous coating, spot UV, rose gold and so on. Choose the one that goes with your company’s personality and gives your brand an extra bit of luxury.