Best Ways to Take Your Fall Festival to the Next Level

Fall Festival

One of the most anticipated annual occasions for many churches is opening their doors to the local community during the Lord’s Acre Festival in the fall. If you’re finding yourself to repeating the same routine each year, and been stuck for how you can make this year’s event more exciting You’re not alone. Check out the top five Fall Festival ideas we found by doing a quick search on the internet for you to consider.

With the return of school and the weather beginning to cool, it’s evident that autumn is upon us. Many churches host fall festival celebrations in this time of year as an opportunity for fun. And family-friendly ways to engage with people in the community and share the gospel. However, a big event that includes various activities can pose a number of risks for your church. With a bit of thought and preparation you can secure your congregation and provide an enjoyable, safe space for the children in your congregation.

1. The Pumpkin Trebuchet

You might have seen ” Pumpkin Chunkin ” throwing contests on television as you considered “Wow wouldn’t that be great fun? play the role of as a child back in the day?” You can! Building your own Trebuchet can be easier than you imagine. WikiHow There are great directions for building the trebuchet. It will assist you in adjusting the dimensions of your trebuchet so that you can throw the size of pumpkin you like. Think about inviting your local Scout group to make smaller trebuchets that can throw grapes. Voila! There’s a new competition to hold your competition.

2. ‘The Great Pumpkin’ Drive-in Movie Night

Install a video projector and screen on your parking lot at night and host an evening of movies that show Charlie Brown, the iconic Charlie Brown movie. Families can relax in their cars , or bring picnics and blankets. Since the film is only 30 minutes, it’s ideal for families with young children. Be sure to have the legal protection to show motion images. Check out the CVLI License that is designed specifically to fall festival ideas for church.

3. Character Cut-Outs

If you visit any theme park and you’ll see places where you can stick your head into holes and change into a mouse, bunny or princess. With clip art, plywood and a bit of paint you can design places for families to snap photographs. From scarecrows, Peter Pumpkin-Eater with his lady, autumn provides plenty of ideas for fun picture centers. Get a few creative and handy people free to work on this project that is fun and creative.

4. Pumpkin Faces

Instead of carving pumpkins or painting them instead, let the people appear like pumpkins. Purchase black, green, or orange facial paint. Set up a stand with mirrors, as well as plenty of brush and disposable cup. And enjoy watching people transform themselves and their loved ones into a Halloween decor for fall festival. You could offer prizes for the most hilarious and interesting pumpkin-themed faces.

5. Free Meal Coupons

Instead of distributing flyers to your members as well as those in your neighborhood, make the flyers into tokens. Create each flyer as an offer to redeem for a free hot dish during the event. Offer coupons to every participant to distribute to acquaintances or to those who need help. The word is getting out, and also giving people the opportunity to give back to other people. Members can purchase meals or utilize coupons by themselves when they needs. The members who purchase meals may pay for one or several meals to help pay for the costs.

Whatever you decide to do for fall festival, you should have fun and have some creativity. Utilize your fall celebration to be a part of the joy of being the children of God with others within your own community.