Best ways to reduce the cleaning cost for a company

Office cleaning Los Angeles is a widely known service. There are hardly any commercial places which don’t rely on the same day cleaning service in Los Angeles. While the commercial cleaning firms work round the clock to provide the best maid service in Los Angeles, it is extremely difficult to maintain profit margins in this industry.

Providing cheap cleaning service in Los Angeles is important for all the companies. This is due to the fact that there exist numerous commercial cleaning firms. If a service provider does not match the industry pricing then they clearly lose out on a big market share. So in order to maintain profit margins, the service provider has to look for various ways apart from high pricing. 

Unique ways to reduce cleaning cost for the company:

Both the fixed cost and variable cost for any commercial cleaning firm is high. They have to buy supreme-quality cleaning equipment, gallons of chemical substances, etc. Additionally, hiring an experienced team incurs even higher staffing expenses.

Following are some unique ways which can help in increasing and maintaining profit margins for the commercial cleaning firm:

  1. Avoid instant purchasing –

 Finding a new product in the market can be overwhelming. Businessmen are constantly observing the markets for tools which can benefit their commercial cleaning firm. Many times they get driven from the features of the product and end up purchasing the product in an instance. This hasty decision can harm profit margins for a commercial cleaning company. As the owner of the commercial cleaning firm, you must make sure that you look for the product distributor or manufacturers. They usually are willing to provide samples of the product. Once you test the product then you can enter into an agreement to purchase in large quantities.

  1. Multi-purpose cleaning tools – 

Cleaning business is tricky. Sometimes there is a specific tool for a small task. On the contrary there exists cleaning solutions and equipment which can resolve various cleaning needs. The aim for you as a commercial cleaning company should be to search for multi-purpose cleaning products. Look for cleaning solutions which can disinfect glass tops, wooden tables, etc. Furthermore, there are equipment which for example come to rescue for both floor cleaning and carpet. Such multi-purpose cleaning tools can reduce material cost as well as storage cost for the company.

  1. Quality over quantity – 

Commonly, the purchase managers run behind quantity instead of quality. They believe that buying more cleaning solutions will help the business. However, the fact is that if you buy a good quality product then there are high chances of it being easy to use. The life of the product is also longer than a cheap quality product. These invisible properties become an advantage for the cleaning company. Clearly the dividends of using a quality product in turn leads to cost saving.

  1. Buy chemicals in large quantities – 

Purchasing chemicals as per demand of cleaning service may seem to be a wise choice. But the reality is that buying chemicals in large quantities is the way to control cost. Usually placing large orders with wholesalers makes you eligible for discounts. As a result of these discounts, the company can benefit to a great extent.

  1. Concentrated solutions – 

Chemical substances are the only way to perform deep cleaning activities. Because the commercial cleaning companies are capable of providing these substances they are always preferred. Now just by making a switch to concentrated solutions can reap huge benefits for the organizations. Commonly, concentrated solutions last longer. Because the company does not have to frequently buy chemicals, it can save some money with this regard.

  1. Performance oriented products –

 Merely buying popular products will not help in increasing profit margins. Your aim should be to search for performance oriented products. Products which provide effective results. Also those products which can reduce labor hours. Focusing on performance based products instead of popular products can create a major difference. 

  1. Utilize until useful life ends – 

Vacuum cleaners, automated mopping tools, etc are common equipment for a commercial cleaning company. Usually, these equipment come with a useful life of five to seven years. The problem is that the commercial cleaning companies tend to replace these equipment before the end of its useful life. Just by delaying the purchase of large equipment, a company can maintain its profits.

  1. Cautious use of tools –

 Because the commercial cleaning company has to fulfill several appointments in a day, there is a tendency of roughly using key equipment. Until and unless all the equipment is not used cautiously, the company can never save money. Instead it will have to shell out more money on repairs.

Bottom line:

It is the small actions which cumulate to benefit an organization. Just by judiciously using tools and making thoughtful decisions, an entrepreneur can witness improvement in financial status. 

Surviving in an industry with cut-throat competition can be taxing. Customer satisfaction is the only way to retain them. 

Having said that, it does not mean that a business owner can not experiment with the available options. Therefore, if you are running a commercial cleaning firm and are worrying over reducing profits, then try out the given methods. Proper understanding and execution of these ways will surely help.