Best locksmith tips on how to open a safe

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How to open a safe? Follow our advice

We all know that, by definition, safes are one of the mechanisms par excellence that we can use in our home to protect and safely store those important objects, documents, money, or jewelry.

Currently and more and more new materials for their manufacture have a more than proven resistance, not to mention the sophisticated closing mechanisms they have to make their opening difficult for those individuals who love what is foreign or who simply do not have the authorization to do so.

However, it is a double-edged sword since simply forgetting the combination of losing the key can be a serious problem. So the first thing we recommend is that if you do not know very well how to open the safe and you urgently need to open it, it is best to leave your case in the hands of professionals.

How can I get my safe to open if I don’t have much idea?

No matter how simple it may seem or its mechanism, we know that this is not a simple job since each model, each type, and each manufacturer offers a series of very different characteristics that make it necessary to have very broad and complex knowledge in addition to the fact that it is necessary to act with great precision so that its operation is not damaged.

For this reason, you must know the lock of your model. These usually have three wheels that are intertwined to complement each other and thus achieve the combination.

When you normally turn the lock to the right to the exact number of your combination, you will notice that to go to the second number. You will do it to the opposite side so, get this link so that your combination can open the door.

You need to be able to figure out the combination.

How? That is the question. Well, first of all, you must pass the entire dial of your lock to the right. Why? This, although it seems silly, will let you know that all the wheels are finally disengaged.

You must use a stethoscope

Why is this kind of teaching necessary? Because each time you turn the dial, you will reach the point of the number of your combination so you can hear a click, so it would be necessary for you to write down the numbers that you can read on the dial each time you hear two clicks.

It would be convenient for you to repeat the process

Necessary? Yes, since it is safer for you to make sure, first of all, that you are writing down the correct number according to the click number.

This information will be more than useful since they represent the numbers of the combination to open a safe. Hence, before you start testing the clicks that the box generates when turning the dial, the dial should be at zero.

Combine data to open safe

Sound like a mess to you? Certainly in the first instance, yes, but with all the data obtained thanks to listening to the clicks generated by the dial, you will have to start making combinations and therefore test them in your safe until you get the perfect combination.

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