Have a Basement Bug? You Need Pest Control Service in Maple Ridge

pest control service in maple ridge

One location that many homeowners in Maple Ridge overlook is their basement. The attic is typically used for storing seasonal decorations and old containers. An attic is an ideal location for parasites to build their nests. Pests know that because attics are dark and have little activity, they may build a home and not have it eradicated by mankind or a pest control professional. Infestations are common in attics, whether it’s unwelcome mice or an ant infestation. ASM Pest explains which pests can be found in your basement and how to keep them out.

The Following Are the Most Common Pests Found in the Basement:

1. Mites
Mites may be silent assassins. They are never content and are continuously looking for more to eat. These insects are continuously eating, which is why they can create so much damage. Mites love basements because they can feed on boxes, wood, and whatever else they can find. Eliminating a Mite infestation may literally save your property from destruction. In Maple Ridge, mite signs include paint or wallpaper indentations, holes through wood furniture and boxes, and wings in visible light. If you suspect a mite infestation, contact ASM Pest Control the best Pest Control Service In Maple Ridge right once to schedule an attic pest treatment inspection.

2. Rodents:
Roaches are among the most frequent home pests found worldwide. They love living in confined places near food and water. Cockroaches frequently enter homes through bags, cartons, or used equipment, and are most usually seen in kitchens and bathrooms. Cockroaches have the ability to poison food and transfer germs and human illnesses. Take these precautionary measures this summer to avoid cockroach infestations in your home.

1. Reduce Unwanted Material
2. Hygienic Dishes
3. Remove the Stagnant Water
4. Secure Your Residence
5. Regular cleaning
6. Wash the Areas Behind Equipment

3. Spiders:
There are around 35,000 identified spider species worldwide. Spiders, in definition, are useful organisms that prey and feed on flies, beetles, fleas, and other home pests. Most are harmless to people, but they may still be annoying. Follow these basic precautionary actions to maintain spiders out of your residence this season:

1. Clean and sanitize the environment.
2. Don’t put out food that will attract other insects, which will attract spiders.
3. On a daily basis, hoover up spider webs.
4. Eliminate any cracks or entrance sites in your house.
5. Maintain your landscape. Keep plants and vegetation away from your house.

4. Ants:
Although ants are more of an annoyance than a hazard, they can nevertheless produce an infestation in your basement. If you notice a few ants in your house or office, it’s a good idea to trace their trail and locate their source of the entrance. You should employ a professional pest control company like ASM Pest, the best Pest Control Service In Maple Ridge to permanently eliminate your ant swarm. Household sprayers and the over medications frequently kill only the visible ants, leaving the nest unharmed. The cause of the ant infestation is most likely lurking within your residence.

5. Mice:
May is the season when many pests migrate indoors in search of refuge and warmth. Among these pests, mice are the most frequent rodent throughout May. House mice like dark, quiet spaces such as attics and basements. These pests may cause significant property damage by eating through walls and cables, resulting in an electrical fire. Mice have also been linked to food contamination and illness transmission. To avoid a rat infestation in your house during winter, take the following precautionary steps:

1. Points of Entry for Seals
2. Clean-Up
3. Purchase a Pet

6. Centipedes:
There are many centipede species, but the house centipede is the most frequent one seen in Maple Ridge houses. They enjoy dark, damp environments, so basements or large closets make excellent homes and hiding places. Even if there aren’t hundreds or thousands of centipedes in an outbreak, they can be a bother. It is critical to locate and remove them from your attic. Begin by establishing a basic trap for typical home pests. If you encounter centipedes or other insects in your baits, contact ASM Pest Control the best Pest Control Service In Maple Ridge right once to schedule a service visit.

How Can ASM Pest Control Service in Maple Ridge Help You to Get Rid of Pests?

ASM Pest Control the best Pest Control Service In Maple Ridge combines the finest quality work with the greatest customer service in the market. With our pest control services, we have been safeguarding residential and commercial premises for almost three decades. Give us a call if you want to keep your home free of pests this season.