7 marketing strategies to implement in 2022

What could have possibly changed in the marketing industry compared to the last couple of years? Actually, a lot of things! As we’ve already stepped into 2022, it’s high time you reinvented your plan and strategy. If you’re not following trends, you might be in trouble as your brand and business depend on them. However, don’t fret as we’ve got your back.

If you’re unsure how, to begin with, your marketing strategy, these 7 trends are crucial for any business and will shape your 2022.  

  1. 1. SEO remains crucial

What is the first thing you do when you discover a brand? Google them! Therefore, building an SEO-friendly website is vital. It’s a place where customers come to find more about you and purchase the products you offer. So, building a site that is conversion and search engine optimized is your top priority.

Before you invest in paid ads and similar services, focus on drawing organic traffic to your website. One of the easiest and most common ways to do so is by implementing keywords in the titles, landing pages, content, etc.

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  1. 2. Customer-driven strategies

Your primary goal is to sell a product or service. However, you won’t achieve the wanted results by focusing solely on your product. You need to focus on your customers! Researching the target audience is already a well-known and developed part of marketing. But is it enough in 2022?

This year, besides the ideal buying persona, focuses on features that a person is looking for in the product. Create value that will bring more than just a product for your customer. So, aim your strategy that way!

  1. 3. Use the power of video

Have you noticed how a video posted on social media platforms scores more engagement than a single photo or a text post? It’s because videos are interactive and put a voice and a person behind the brand, which makes the entire experience more personal.

Since the average attention span has decreased, videos are an ideal way of attracting and keeping attention. On top of that, through videos, you can bond with your customers and provide them with true value as well as entertainment.

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  1. 4. Content is still a king

Content marketing remains one of the most important aspects of digital marketing strategies. However, content can be a double-edged sword as it paints the picture of your brand. That’s why you need to know how to write content that ranks in 2022.

With good quality content, you’ll always be one step ahead of your competition and your customers. You’re offering your target audience a possibility to judge you and your brand before they experience your services or products. So, using content wisely is of utmost importance in digital marketing.

  1. 5. Build a sensible social media strategy

Boredom killers also known as social media apps and platforms have many different roles in your marketing strategy. Users tend to quickly scroll through their newsfeeds, which is why a lot of brands have trouble attracting and keeping their attention on social media.

We’ve already covered the importance of videos in marketing strategies. But you can use social media to promote your products differently. For instance, micro-influencers on TikTok are a perfect channel for reaching out to your target audience through the popular person that will represent your brand.

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  1. 6. Focus on data and metrics

Marketing specialists know the importance of data and metrics they collect from traffic on their websites and social media. Since Google announced the death of “cookies”, you need to find suitable ways of collecting data about your customers, that will help you build better strategies and products.

For a marketing strategy in 2022, you’ll need an entire team of individuals working towards the same goal. Investing in software solutions that help there is always a good idea. You also need to keep your team spirit and quality collaboration, so consider using competitors of Workplace by Facebook for safe information and data exchange. Such solutions also provide a place to chat, communicate and share ideas.

  1. 7. Educate before you hard sell

In 2022 marketers have a new and different role they need to obtain. Instead of hard-selling, the focus is on educating customers and the target audience. Obtaining a new role is not easy at all. However, your main goal now is to educate customers on why would they want to buy your product. How can you do so?

Create content where you’ll promote the product in a new light. Educate your customers on its features and benefits for them, don’t just try to hard-sell. It’s a thin line between the two which is why it takes an expert to achieve it. By educating, you’re increasing customer retention, and preventing loss due to lack of information.

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  1. Wrapping up

Your brand depends on the marketing. Take a marketing plan seriously and implement these strategies to boost your conversion. It’s a process of transformation that requires a transition from the ways we’re used to doing to new and modern solutions. So, are you ready to be at the top in 2022?