5 common motorcycle myths you need to know


Some numerous metropolitan legends and confusions slip around in regards to motorcyclists. In the gathering of various riders, you will observe that many of them would be telling the stories of several accidents, about the safety measures they take, and you’ll hear a portion of these inaccurate presumptions.

Yet assuming you observe the current realities, you will observe that the greater part of them are off-base. But some of their stories sound pretty obvious, even natural.

It’s really smart to grasp the insights, so you can guard yourself while you are on the road. By getting much-awarded you can expand your possibilities by staying away from mishaps. Because nobody needs to get injured while being on the road. To make your ride more comfortable and safe, you must pack up all the valuable items which can make your road trip safe and convenient. Viking bags manufacture high-class motorcycle bags, which give a classy look to your motorcycle and are available at a cheap price as well.

So in today’s blog, I will be describing the common motorcycle myths which you need to know.

Blockage of the view by wearing a full-face helmet.

I have seen most of the riders who believe that by wearing a full-face helmet they are not able to see clearly. But let me tell you one thing, that your safety is the foremost important thing which you need to consider. So, over here we take the ride vision where we seriously view bike security.

Did you have any idea that the DOT (department of transport) has required at least 210 levels of permeability for any legitimate street-going protective helmet? Indeed, coincidentally normal human visibility is no more prominent than 180 degrees. Also being a rider you must be familiar with the fact that protective head helmets do not confine your view. Also during your journey, they give your eyes protection against debris, dust, and dirt particles which clear your vision.

Getting your motorbike on the floor

As we are familiar with the fact that most of the riders, get themselves and their motorcycles slide over the road and ultimately get themselves smashed. This mainly happens when the cruiser is left with less time to stop himself/herself or they keep away from the deterrent by making themselves smashed on the road.

The other reason for the crash may be due to overspeeding or the rider’s negligence towards the road. The vast majority of the time “laying your motorbike on the road is not the wise approach. Not just because you’re straightforwardly placing yourself experiencing the same thing, yet additionally because it’s one you have zero influence over.

When that motorbike is on the floor and the motorbike wheels leave the asphalt you have no clue, from where you are going to glide into, or on the other hand assuming you will slide by any means. The vast majority of the time, an all-around rehearsed crisis brake or turn move is a much more secure choice.

The fact regarding loud pipes.

It has been observed that the stronger exhaust pipes are on your motorbike the more consideration and mindfulness a motorcyclist will attract to themselves and consequently, they will be more secure. It has been observed that the stock pipes are somewhat safer than the loud pipes because the loud pipes tend to get smashed more frequently.

This is because vehicles before the motorcycle probably won’t hear them by any stretch of the imagination. What’s more, assuming a motorcyclist is passing through an intersection, they’re riding in front of the commotion.

I would recommend you to wear the striking or splendid tones on your riding gear, to make your ride more compelling. You can pack up your riding items with you and for that, your motorbike must be equipped with spacious riding bags. Viking bags offer appealing motorcycle bags and provide immense capacity so that you can easily pack up your luggage and also get installed easily with your motorbike.

The fact regarding road tires and racing tires.

Most motorcyclists think that the racing tires provide them with more security than the road tires. And the fact is that racing tires are manufactured with entirely different materials and carry different properties in every aspect.

So, you can’t relate the racing tires with road tires, because the racing tires are intended to perform in a better way when it’s truly hot. The racing tires have lesser notches as compared to road tires, so they can not drain the water out from them.

Road tires are more durable, have greater reliability, and produce more noteworthy wet-climate execution. So, it is wrong to use your racing tires instead of road tires because both of them are different from one another, and have different specifications.