4 Tips for Short Riders to Handle the Big and Tall Motorcycles


There’s no level prerequisite for riding a cruiser, and the riders who have small height can have some good times destroying the streets and talking smack on their bike radios as taller people can. Notwithstanding, if you are a small, heightened rider you must ride a motorbike that is compatible with your height.

Short-heighted individuals generally will more often than not be restricted to sports or cruiser motorbikes as a result of the lower height of the seat. But on the other hand, if you can utilize your motorbike for the dual reasons it would be a wonderful thing.

But let me tell you one thing, if you are a rider, before heading off for any road trip you need to make your journey safe, by wearing durable riding gear which must provide you safety. Viking Bags motorcycle safety gear is manufactured with high-class material which provides durability and safety during your ride.

In today’s blog, I will be discussing the five important tips on how you can handle a big and tall motorbike if you are a short-heightened rider. So keep on reading.

1. Getting on a taller motorbike

While getting on the taller motorbike, dismiss the handlebars every time you hop up on the motorbike. Make sure your motorbike must be in gear. Beginning from the left side of your bike, rotate the handlebars in the extreme right direction. The motorbike will incline down and closer to the rider, bringing about a major distinction for the short-heighted riders.

Huge motorcycles with rock-solid handlebars can be parked with the help of side stands. On the other hand, small motorbikes ought to be parked with the help of stands located around the side (positioning upward). Once getting the side stand in the upward direction (during mounting) move your torso towards the clockwise direction of your motorbike seat, and place your feet on the floor.

2. How to handle your motorbike

On the off chance that you are not able to contact your feet onto the ground when situated on a motorbike and you want to pull into the parking space, remaining close to it, make your motorbike walk. Handle the two grasps from the left half of the motorbike as you upstand it with the help of a stand located at the side of your bike. Slender the bike against the right side of your body, and also utilize your body as an influence, while you are grasping the clutch or while upholding it is nonpartisan. Once you are moving at a slow and steady speed you need to cover your brakes. Once more, rehearsing this move on a little motorbike initially is great, so that you must be familiar with the fact that, how you have to handle the bigger sized motorbike.

2. How to park your motorbike?

Parking your motorbike on a flat surface is much more convenient and easier too. But parking the bike on an uneven or hilly surface you need to find some even surface first and then park the front-sided wheel first. And afterward, when you get prepared to leave, pull your motorbike out from the area where you have parked it. To prevent your motorbike from rolling, you must park it in the gear.

Also, ensure it’s impossible that somebody can go along and park his/her motorbike directly before your bike. It is because it would be difficult for you to get your motorbike out of the parking area, once you will be leaving. So, if on the off chance that you’re stopping in the area with a concrete guard, however, there’s space to the right and left to drive out, park the motorbike in such a way that once you are leaving, it will not be difficult to ride around during your departure time.

Similarly, as I informed you before that, you need to make your journey more convenient and easygoing. You must protect yourself from various injuries if an accident happens. And for that, you need to invest in purchasing the right type of motorcycle riding gear.

3. Distribution of your luggage bags must be equal on both sides of your bike

Practice it all the time to get all your baggage with the goal that the weight of your luggage is equitably conveyed on your motorbike and become acclimated to inclining somewhat to the left side once you break off. Like that, you’re as yet ready to utilize your back brake pedal to make a stand-still when you place your left toe on the floor.

On the off chance that you can arrive at the ground with feet, you must keep on pulling up the brakes, while you are putting your right foot in a downward position. Furthermore, consistently keep the handlebar made right when you grind to a halt, or probably the bike will roll toward the path they are turning.