4 Benefits of Retaining Walls That Enhancement to Property Value

Retaining Walls

Homeowners are always planning to enhance the appearance of the house with landscaping and gardening. To avoid the monotony of similar landscaping, you can erect the retaining walls. Apart from adding a distinguishable look, the walls perform two chief functions:

  • Sustaining lateral pressure of soil
  • Providing stability to the filled materials

These walls will not only beautify and protect the external space but also contribute to enhancing the value of your property.

Professionals need technical knowledge

These walls are basically engineering structures. Hence, you have to hire professionals with thorough technical knowledge to execute the right design. If you understand the significance of theretaining walls, you will surely understand how important it is to hire accurate technicians for the purpose. This will help you acknowledge the investment whole-heartedly as you are going to learn about the myriad benefits of the walls.

1. Prevent damages to surrounding structures

If your home is lying on a lower platform in comparison to the surrounding area, there is always a risk of collapse of the soil on the elevated area, especially during torrential rainfall. With the construction of the retaining walls, you can steadily hold back the higher-level ground to protect your existing house.

In the same way, if your house is in ground higher than the adjoining ground, erosion of soil due to floods, rainfall, or earthquake can cause the soil to slide down suddenly and damage the structures in the adjoining area. As you cannot prevent natural disasters, you can at least prepare by the construction of the walls.

2. An attractive element

Most of you think that these walls are concrete block walls. While the walls with retaining properties of concrete are excellent, they won’t be much attractive. Therefore, there is no need to limit your design choices as you can now use a wide range of materials for making the walls. The common options include:

  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Gabion
  • Boulders
  • Concrete blocks
  • Bricks

It is even possible to use veneers of more attractive stones for the walls. Customization has got easier with these options.

3. Slow down erosion: Flash floods, high wind speed, and overwatering issues can ruin your landscaping. Soil erosion can be the primary cause of the damage. Additionally, soil erosion can destroy the landscaping and also make the space dangerous.

The retaining walls will prevent soil erosion to a great extent, thus saving the landscaping and even your home. It will be a defense mechanism, and you have to speak to the design specialists to figure out the nature of the wall that will serve the purpose. 

4. Durable structure: You will be glad to learn that the durable materials that constitute the walls will be resistant to harsh weather conditions. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the damage to the wall. With very little maintenance work, you can keep the retaining walls functional for a long duration. Moreover, you can count on saving money as you won’t need much repairs or replacement requirements. 

Make better use

Believe it or not, it is possible to use these walls to make better use of the existing landscaping area available. For instance,

  • Erect the retaining walls to create terraced sections for planting purpose. This option is highly applicable for those whose houses rest on slopes, adding to the difficulty of landscaping.
  • A small wall can help to make a flower bed just in front of your property, and it can be a place where you can mix some flower-friendly soil too.

The walls will always help you improve the aesthetic appeal of the space, and thus, it won’t be a difficult task to enhance the property value. Therefore, it can serve the dual purpose of safety and adding aesthetic value addition to your property.