10 Years Into The Future of Video Games

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Video games have been around since the mid-80s and have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for people of all ages. Up until recently video games had been exhibiting a predictable but slow but steady progress in terms of graphic advancements, but CD-ROM and 3D storage was comparable to getting both sound and colour together for home cinema. The current generation is no different with games continuing to grow in complexity and offer players endless entertainment and fun. This is why the future of games looks very bright indeed.

Video games and new technology

Video gaming is set to become an increasingly complex medium thanks to new technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and personal computing. The future of video games will take these established concepts and run with them. It’s predicted that within a decade computers will be able to process natural intelligence and combine it with real world data to create an entirely new generation of video games. This will enable gamers to be immersed in their own personal worlds and carry out all manner of mundane tasks while simultaneously interacting with artificial intelligence.

Next-generation consoles

There are already some notable signs that this future may already be here. Recent rumors have suggested that next-generation consoles will allow the ability for gamers to step into another person’s head and carry out their actions. In doing so they will be using not only their eyes, but also their voice, gestures, and body language to carry out their commands. The idea behind this is that by allowing players to operate within a different avatar, the player will not need to think or learn any new skills in order to succeed. The system will also rely on artificial intelligence to ensure that the player’s actions are realistic, consistent, and challenging. As more advances are made in this field, it is possible that the future of video games will feature a near limitless number of avatars.

Virtual reality (VR) is trending

Virtual reality is the next big trend in video games. It is rapidly gaining momentum as it is quickly becoming the center stage of entertainment and communication. Gamers will be able to literally jump into the future of gaming by using a device such as the Projected View Finder to virtually step inside of the characters in the game. With the ability to see all aspects of the environment including movement, facial expressions, and other physical expressions, the user will be able to make successful decisions based on the actions performed in the present moment. By providing an unprecedented level of access, modern gaming technology is on the verge of transforming the way we play and communicate.

Cinema with video games technology

The potential applications of this technology go far beyond virtual reality. Although this particular technology has already been utilized in computer-assisted design, its true potential may never be fully realized until it is applied to the realm of cinema. For example, filmmakers would be well-advised to utilize the same tools to create virtual reality for the characters in their movies. If a character in the film is struggling with something, the user can simply look at his hands to indicate that he needs help. This could also be applied in virtual reality situations where the user must escape from certain circumstances in order to fulfill a mission.

Subject for research study

The potential applications of these video games will almost certainly become the subject of numerous research studies in the future. Gamers are definitely on the verge of changing the way we live our lives. We may not fully understand what the future holds for gaming, but there is no doubt that the virtual world is moving quickly towards more technologically advanced and complex environments. We are likely to see breakthroughs not only in graphic design, but in the way video games are programmed and the way they interact with the real world.

Competition in video games market

Video games developers are already well ahead of developers of next-generation consoles like Xbox and Sony PlayStation. Even though these companies are technically behind the curve, it seems that they have little to no chance of catching up with the competition. They are already devoting most of their resources to developing highly interactive and complex artificial intelligence that will allow their players to enjoy a true “immersion” in the virtual world. This should give you an idea of how far the future is truly going.

Final thoughts

DeepMind Technologies, which develops computer assisted intelligence project, has already attracted a considerable amount of investment dollars from a number of high-tech investors. These investors clearly see the potential of being able to take advantage of video games to increase the interactive experience that users will have while playing their favorite games. DeepMind’s executive team has clearly foreseen the need for a deep learning artificial intelligence system that will allow its developers to build compelling and emotionally engaging virtual worlds.